Hey, I am Ivona.
Visual designer & 3D artist.

Details, mountains addict, persistent, realistic, ordinary extreme, Slovakian designer Ivona Polláková, based in Prague. As far as I can remember, I always been a creator of images, something that always been there. Living, learning, & leveling up one day at a time.

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rixo image

Rixo Insurance Compare Quotes

Redesing, UI&UX, Brand 2022 Visit website →
tealmakers image

Staroprameň & O2 Universum

3d, Illustration 2019 Study case →
app image

Zadzme App

UI, BRAND 2020 Study case →
Face study image

Face Study

Sculpting 2022 See project →
tealmakers image


Brand, Packaging 2020 Study case →
zeder image

ZEDER – Car Security System

UI&UX, Content 2022 Visit website →

Mission to Minerva

Enviroment, Concept Art 2022 See project →
Face study image


Character Design, Sculpting, Texturing 2022 See project →
fyziq image

FYZIQ – Physiotherapy & rehabilitation

UI&UX, Content 2023 Visit website →
tealmakers image


UI, Brand 2020 Study case →
Face study image

Čičmany Village

Enviroment, Modeling, Texturing 2022 See project →
Anatomy image

Anatomy Study

Sculpting 2022 See project →
Minigame image

Wastecatcher — Minigame

Game design, Modeling, Animations 2020 See project →
tealmakers image

Interactive Map

Infographic, 3D modeling, Animation 2018 Study case →

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